Monday, August 31, 2009

Chávez’s Covert War by Otto Reich - Aug. 28, 2009

Dear Journalists,

U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich writes an eye opener in his article Chávez’s Covert War published on Foreign Policy magazine for those who still can not see what Hugo Chavez is all about . Ambassador Reich says that "Obama needs to call Venezuela’s president what he is: a terrorist and a drug-trafficker."

Those of us who have followed Ambassador Reich's work for the last several years are aware that he knows Venezuelan politics and Chavez's alleged wrong doings. This article should not be seen as Republican nor Democrat opinion, but as the truth of the grave political situation in Venezuela.

"Corruption and politicization have weakened Venezuela's military, despite its acquisition of billions of dollars of Russian and other foreign weaponry. Plus, in his 10 years in power, Chávez has only ever pointed his guns at defenseless Venezuelan civilians. Bullies like him do not forewarn their intended victims."

The following article written by Enrique ter Horst is a Summary on Venezuela - The Extraordinary Summit Meeting of UNASUR. I have not found where this article has been published, but it comes from an excellent source, and it is currently circulating the Internet.

Hopefully, world leaders and their staff will read these articles..


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