Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chavez's caught abusing human rights


Chavez's police threw tear gas to marchers who were headed home inside the Metro in Caracas as reported on the link below. Witnesses who were inside the Metro station report that it was major havoc:

The following link reports Chavez's National Guard armed against pacific unarmed marchers protesting Chavez's new education laws. The main NG with microphone at hand talking politics supporting the infamous Hugo Chavez, and referring to journalists as clowns.

Dear Journalists,

As Reuters reports in article published on the Washington Post, Venezuelans are marching today. The same rules apply on the marchers where Chavez's allegedly paid supporters who have no education and only care for the free t-shirts are supporting Chavez's laws. Venezuelan opposition marchers are passionate about their ideals, and as I write this post some loved ones in the march feel threatened by tear gas. Many of them have been attacked by tear gas in the past.

The following link from Noticias 24 shows images of Chavez's police attacking the opposition in their right to march protesting their infamous new education laws:

World leaders currently doing business with Hugo Chavez must demand respect for human rights. Venezuelans need help to defend themselves from the abusive regime.

List of new leaders in Venezuela:


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