Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Venezuela's Assault on Freedom of the Press and Other Liberties - Cato Institute

New controversy ... at least for me!

Freedom of the press must be respected completely with no questions asked. However, animal rights abuses must be prosecuted to the fullest. So, is Chavez concerned about freedom of speech or animal right abuses?

Dozens of radio stations shut down in Venezuela

CNN reports that "A few hours before, the government raided the home of Globovision President Guillermo Zuloaga, an avid hunter, to see whether he had killed any protected animals. It was the second raid on Zuloaga's home in two weeks."

The following press release is from the Cato Institute in Washington, DC:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ian Vásquez, director, Center for Global Liberty and

A Venezuelan court has prohibited Guillermo Zuloaga, president of Globovision Television, from traveling to Washington, D.C. where he was scheduled to deliver an address tomorrow at the Cato Institute. Zuloaga and his network have been openly critical of the Hugo Chavez government, and as a result have endured harassment from authorities as Chavez attempts to place television and radio networks under government control or shutter them completely.

As a result, the Cato forum will now feature the vice-president of Globovision TV, Carlos Alberto Zuloaga, and Rafael Alfonzo, president of CEDICE, Venezuela's leading market-liberal think tank, with comment by Robert Rivard, of the Inter American Press Association. Mr. Alfonzo will discuss how CEDICE and other members of civil society are coming under increasingly serious government harassment for expressing views critical of the government.

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