Monday, July 27, 2009

The White House’s Latin Connection


The White House’s Latin Connection
Is Greg Craig driving U.S. Latin America policy?

I have been very upset all day after reading Mary Anastasia O'Grady's opinion article "The White House's Latin Connection" on the Wall Street Journal on this date. Ms. O'Grady who has extensive knowledge of the situation in Venezuela explains that President Obama seems to be following disinformed advise from one of his counsel:

"Some Washington watchers figure this bizarre stance is due to the fact that Mr. Obama is relying heavily on White House Counsel Gregory Craig for advice on Latin America."
Ms. O'Grady explains that:

Having established that making nice with the region’s troublemakers is a priority, Mr. Obama now wants Mr. Zelaya—who was endorsed by the FARC last week—reinstated. If Honduras does not comply, the U.S. is threatening to freeze assets and revoke the visas of interim government officials.

The following article written by Daniel Duquenal explains some of the issues taking place in Honduras.

Patricia Rodas: the woman who married Zelaya to Chavez?

I wonder if President Obama has read my e-mails to the White House, and those of other concerned individuals, or have our e-mails been intercepted by counsels! What ever the situation is I urge the press to please inform the general public of the situation in Venezuela and Honduras where infamous Chavez seems to be in control.

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote on his opinion column that Chavez's interference in Honduras is evident, increasing and appalling:

La escalada del intervencionismo chavista en Honduras

Venezuelans need help to restore democracy in the abused nations.


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