Sunday, September 27, 2009

Venezuelan Students are on Hunger Strike


Estudiantes Venezolanos en el Exterior - Washington, D. C.
Venezuelan Students Abroad - Washington, D. C.

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The Venezuelan Students Abroad - The Washington, D.C. members and members of sister organizations will gather THURSDAY, October 1, 2009,from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, at the doors of the Organization of American States Administrative Building to manifest our support for those students and former political prisoners holding a hunger strike at the OAS Office in Caracas, Venezuela.

Please join us in raising awareness on the repetitive attacks against democratic political participation and on fundamental human rightsthat take place in our country. Political prisoners in Venezuela aredenied due process, and are thrown in notoriously dangerous prisons under inhumane conditions. This treatment given to critics of thegovernment or of government policies by Venezuelan authorities goes against the democratic principals articulated in Inter-AmericanDemocratic Charter which Venezuela ratified as a member State of theOAS.

We ask that the OAS in recognition of the respect it owes to thepeoples of Latin America and to its Democratic Chapter take actionimmediately against political persecution Venezuela. Thus, we furtherask that it reviews the demands of these students and former politicalprisoners, as their cases exemplify how extreme political discrimination has been in Venezuela under the government of PresidentHugo Chavez.

Furthermore, we will present the authorities of the OAS with a letter from those in Venezuela and will join them at demanding that the OAS send a mission to Venezuela to study the issue of political prisoners,and political persecutions.

Contact Information:

E-mail , Phone +1 202 4152370 and +1 202 5578554

Manifest from students on hunger strike - English version

Several Venezuelan students are on hunger strike at the Organization of American States' offices in Caracas protesting several Chavez's abuse of power and political prisoners. Political prisoners have joined the hunger strike:

Gallery of pictures

Forero y Simonovis se suman a huelga de hambre

Presos políticos en la DISIP se sumaron a la huelga de hambre iniciada por los estudiantes

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