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Protest in front of the OAS in Washington, DC on October 1



Venezuelan Students Abroad Protest in Washington - OAS

Venezuelan Students Abroad and sister organizations will gather THURSDAY, October 1, 2009,from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, at the entrance of the Organization of American States Administrative Building in support of 160 students holding a hunger strike at the OAS Office in Caracas, Venezuela.

For the past six days, a growing number of Venezuelan students in Caracas have joined a hunger strike calling for an investigation of rights abuses by the Chavez government. "Political prisoners in Venezuela are denied due process, and are thrown in notoriously dangerous prisons under inhumane conditions," according to Venezuelan Students Abroad, which said that "the treatment violates the democratic principles enshrined in Inter-American Democratic Charter which Venezuela ratified as a member State of the OAS." Around 40 Chavez critics remain in prison, most of them awaiting trial on protest-related charges, according to the Venezuelan Penal Forum, a local human rights group.

The student organization and sister organizations will ask the OAS to take action immediately against political persecution in Venezuela. In addition, it will ask that the OAS review the cases against political prisoners, and other humans rightsabuses under the government of President Hugo Chavez. The protesters will deliver a letter by student protesters in Venezuela, and will join them in demanding that the OAS send a mission to Venezuela to study political persecution.

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As reported by Associated Press Journalist Fabiola Sanchez in the article below Venezuelan students and supporters are protesting in Caracas. Venezuelans are demanding that the OAS Human Rights Commission visits Venezuela which Chavez has been blocking since 2002. There is a protest that will take place in front of the Organization of American States building in Washington, DC, scheduled for October 1 at 12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM:

Hunger strike over prosecutions grows in Venezuela By Fabiola Sanchez

Student protestor Julio Rivas has become a new national hero by his integrity and responsibility towards human rights in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez seems to be arresting those who disagree with him.

"I am on hunger strike for (Caracas Prefect) Richard (Blanco) and for all political prisoners. I was in jail for a few days but there are some people who have been for five years in prison."
Student activist released on Monday Julio César Rivas

Secretario Ejecutivo de la CIDH habló con Julio Rivas, vocero de los estudiantes

Provea pidió al Gobierno que permita la visita de la CIDH


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