Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Requesting response from OAS Secretary General - May 26 2009

It seems that notable Venezuelan citizens who have written letters to Organization of American States' Secretary General Insulza have received no response. Attached below please find another open letter from Grupo Avila consisting of several Venezuelan Ambassadors and other notables including some who have worked in Washington, DC.


It is shameful and outrageous the fact that for the last ten years the terrible situation that Venezuelans are suffering on a daily basis under Chavez's leadership has gone this long with statements only about concern. In the meantime Chavez destroys the nation with his hatred, and vision that has only placed Venezuelans under hardship.

In related matters to my previous posting there are reports that Chavez spent on a pleasure trip to Patagonia, Argentina last week US$840,000. The reports states that Chavez brought 150 of his closest friends with several limousines, and other extravagances while limiting Venezuelans to US$2,500 a year for traveling.



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