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Updated: Venezuela's Political Disaster - May 25, 2009

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Writer Alvaro Vargas Llosa was detained at the airport in Venezuela

Perhaps the best way to describe what took place earlier this week when Chavez raided the residence of Globovision's president is by presenting editorial from The Washington Post Is Silence Consent? - The Obama administration's 'engagement' policy is convenient for Hugo Chávez's latest crackdown:

President Obama may be brainstorming how to negotiate with a bipolar, megalomaniac, sociopath and maybe trying many ways to open up the frozen relationship from the Bush administration. Venezuelans need real help to improve their quality of life, and live in freedom with respect of human rights.

CNN reported that International groups worry over Venezuela's stance on free press. The United Nations and the Organization of American States said Saturday they are worried over Venezuelan government statements about an independent TV station that has criticized President Hugo Chavez.

U.S. Senator Kerry Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA), released the following statement in response to news reports on the raid of Globovision, Venezuela's only anti-government news network: "The Venezuelan government's harassment of Globovision is deeply troubling. Last night's raid by intelligence agents of a home belonging to the station's president was a blatant effort to intimidate an independent news outlet solely for its willingness to report on matters inconvenient to President Chavez." The press releases continues with "President Chavez's public harangues against Globovision are bad enough; sending in agents to harass station management and employees is totally unacceptable. I urge President Chavez to respect all independent media and cease all harassment. If someone affiliated with the station has violated a law or regulation, as the Venezuelan government has insinuated, then law enforcement should pursue the matter professionally, democratically, and affording full due process."

Please know that I could not find Senator's Kerry's press release on the Internet. The e-mail asks to Contact: Frederick Jones, Communications Director, United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

In his biweekly column Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat questioned Chavez's frequent travels as his tourism or state visits. Please keep in mind that Chavez is blocking the purchase of foreign currency to US$2,500 a year for Venezuelan citizens to travel abroad. In the meantime, Chavez spends what ever amounts of money as he pleases.

Disloyalty is costly for Hugo Chávez backers by Phil Gunson

The following link is to interview to Marcel Granier, president of Empresas 1BC concerning freedom of speech in Venezuela:

"El Gobierno pretende callar la crítica y ocultar la verdad"


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