Sunday, May 03, 2009

Nirvana, El Cielo, ou l’Utopie?

Nirvana, El Cielo, ou l’Utopie?

When someone gives a nice gift as appreciation for new friendship like an island as an environmental protection area off the shore on New Jersey as Chavez has given the United States of America, one must be grateful. One should be also hopeful of new and refreshed bilateral relations.

Venezuela gives the US an island owned by Citgo

But, then you learn that Chavez is himself at home abusing those he can abuse like unarmed citizens, women, and the elderly as shown on this video taken on May 1, 2009. What do you do?

Similarly, if you have a mean neighbor who brings you a huge executive gift basket as a sign of friendship, but later you hear his family screaming in anger and pain. The neighbor had just physically abused his family. What do you do with the gift basket?

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