Saturday, April 11, 2009

Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 11, 2009

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Venezuelan are observing today the events that took place on April 11, 2002. Below please find archive article written by bloger Daniel Duquenal explaining those events.

Today, the police commissioners in charge during April 11, 2002 are jailed with a 30 year sentence by Chavez, while they claim their innocence, and rumors say that Chavez's supporters were those who killed the unarmed citizens from Puente Llaguno:

"No tears or sympathy, I want you to take action"

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote on his bi-weekly column this week concerning the jail sentence against the police commissioners, and other leaders as open political persecution in Venezuela. Amb. Taylhardat says that Chavez has been acting in complete violation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter (Carta Democratica)

El hundimiento del derecho


In related matters:

Eddy Ramírez reitera necesidad de conformar comisión de la verdad por los sucesos del 11-A

In other outrageous matters, there is a total abuse of power against democratically elected Mayor Antonio Ledezma. Chavez and thugs are removing all powers and funds to the Mayor leaving him with a diminished job description without the regular responsibilities assigned to the mayor's office, and penny less to lead.

Caracas Metropolitan Mayor files action against violation of the Constitution


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