Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chavez, Lula and Obama

While Chavez is doing all sorts of abuses against Venezuelan institutions, and taking over harbor operations he is allegedly using Brazilian President Lula da Silva to put on the good word for him to President Barack Obama during his stay in Washington, DC! So, what did Lula say to Obama? Chavez respects human rights? Chavez is a democratic leader? Chavez respects citizens’ time and dignity and does not seize television networks for hours as he feels like it? Caracas is not a violent city, and has no crime? Controversial as it may sound we could expect Lula talking about Chavez since they have been doing business together for quiet some time, but what about U.S. Congressmen putting on good word for Chavez to Obama? Outrageous as it may sound there are reports that they are allegedly talking to Obama to invite Chavez to the U.S.

Would inviting Hugo Chavez to The White House ease tensions between the infamous leader and the United States? Or would Chavez come over to inflate his deranged ego and complaint about capitalism, democracy and good quality of life? Chavez should replace his new whim to come to the U.S. with improving quality of life for Venezuelan citizens. Then, after showing that he is not a dictator, that he respects human rights, and allows regular citizens, and enterprises to conduct good businesses acceptance from most of the people would grow naturally. Chavez is forcing sympathy paying with petro dollars where only those with financial ulterior motives, and who could not care less about Venezuelans' human rights are benefiting from the money.

Maru Angarita

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