Monday, March 30, 2009

The US will not reply to President Hugo Chávez's insults

Dear Journalists,

Delighted that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the U.S. will not reply to infamous Chavez's insults,

"We will not enter into this debate, this war of insults. This is so childish that we are not going to answer it," said the US Secretary of State in an interview that was recorded in her office in Washington on the eve of her recent trip to Mexico."

I wonder if President Obama would meet with Chavez in the upcoming Fifth Summit of the Americas that will take place in Trinidad & Tobago on April 17 - 19, 2009.

It would be an outrage for Venezuelans if President Obama would meet with infamous Chavez prior to assuring human rights for Venezuelans. Those of you who have read my blog may be aware that Chavez seems to care more for other nations than for the quality of life and financial well-being of Venezuelans.


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