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Help! May 9, 2009

Updated May 10, 2009

Dear Journalists,

The situation in Venezuela has deteriorated beyond belief. Bloggers and other citizens are calling for help in a way I have never seen before.

The following links are highlights of some of Chavez's actions in the last few days:

Chávez Moves to Seize Oil Contractors' Assets

Pictures of Chavez's take over of oil contractors' operations:

Hugo Chavez renforce la mainmise de l'Etat sur le secteur pétrolier
LEMONDE.FR avec Reuters 09.05.09 14h58

Maria Corina Machado, director of Venezuelan NGO 'Sumate'

Blogger Daniel Duquenal's recent articles explain the events that have taken place in Venezuela in the last few days:

Ambassor Adolfo Taylhardat wrote on his bi-weekly columm article Is the honeymoon over? referring to the Chavez/Obama relationship. Chavez relationship with the terrorist group FARC seems to impede further bilateral relations:

¿Se acabó la luna de miel?

European Parliament Calls Chavez to act to protect democratic rights

83. Expresses its concern at the human rights situation in Nicaragua and Venezuela and at the attacks against and harassment of a number of human rights organisations in those countries; calls on the Nicaraguan and Venezuelan governments and authorities to act to protect democratic rights and freedoms and the rule of law;

Another psychiatrist explains Chavez. I wonder if we also need to know about those influencing Chavez.

Los sociópatas siempre temen
Entrevista al psiquiatra Franzel Delgado.

Movie Star Maria Conchita Alonso announced her new movie with tentative title "Courage" that will take Chavez's mask off explaining exactly what the infamous leader is doing. Please know that Ms. Alonso has been actively following the political situation in Venezuela for several years.

Crime and punishment and crime without punishment - By Ambassador Diego Arria English version on my blog 2:


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