Tuesday, October 25, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 25, 2005

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to Norway's television report about Venezuela. The report is in Norwegian with Spanish subtitles and in English. It reports the irony of a rich country like Venezuela without medicines in the hospitals.

Option #1 website

Option #2 download video

Next please find transcript of BBC's Robin Lustig interview to Hugo Chavez published on


and response to Chavez by Daniel Duquenal accusing Chavez to be a pathological liar:


I am curious of how good willing Chavez is for helping people from other lands, but brutal against Venezuelans:

"We are great friends of the Iranian people, we are great friends of ex-President (?) and good friends of President (?) , and we have a strategic alliance with him. And we think these governments are taking these people to development, respecting their culture, respecting their traditons, which is essential of our foreign policy. Respect sovereignty of peoples, respect other nations, respect self-determination of these peoples."

Chavez is convinced to limit freedom of speech, but he abuses Venezuelan media interrupting programs at will including the Miss Venezuela contest and sports events and spends hours without end on seized television networks and radio stations on a weekly basis. So, his speeches are completely free but Venezuelans can not speak freely? Is Chavez mentally ill? You should see how Chavez dresses with designer clothes and fine watches (Cartier, etc.), but he says he hates capitalism. Brags about his world travels and about his friendship with world leaders but punishes Venezuelans with severe foreign exchange controls. Chavez can buy beautiful clothes and visit fantastic places but Venezuelans and those with businesses in Venezuela can not travel nor receive income from investments.

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