Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Published in World News on August 14, 2005

Venezuela's Political Disaster - August 13, 2005
To the Honorable Human Rights Organizations:

The political disaster is so intense in Venezuela that it is difficult to follow every daily scandal. A matter of fact is that Chavez and Castro are richer every day spending and giving away the money that belongs to Venezuelans. The economy is not good for most of Venezuelans, real estate industry, for example, is slow and difficult to sell properties thus affecting the well being of Venezuelans trying to run businesses.

Chavez priorities seem to fulfill his own persona and whims and is blind to see that the middle class is struggling big time. Further, there are reports that Chavez spends millions of U.S. dollars every time he makes short trips out of the country. So, where is all the money going to? Where was the money spent? or is Chavez moving money out of the country while imposing strict foreign exchange controls to Venezuelans? So, Chavez and supporters are the only ones prospering during this regime and those who oppose him must suffer. Isn't this against the law?

Attached below please find Internet links that may help you understand the current disaster.

Quote from "As Daniel rightly points out what the country needs is that all oil-generated income, down to the last penny, be spent in Venezuela and not subsidizing the continental expansion of the Chavez revolution for it needs to be stressed, he was not elected to waste our resources helping out other countries, some of which are in better economic shape".


Maru Angarita