Sunday, October 09, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 9 2005

Dear Journalists,

Attached herewith please find link to article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat reporting the embarrassing recent participation of Chavez in Brazil where he did not understand the purpose of the diplomatic meeting nor the document that he had to sign creating outrage between the participants:

The fact that Chavez does not really understand certain diplomatic meetings because of his lack of training reminds me of a very uncomfortable situation that I had to face in Venezuela in 1993 at a social event. I was following the news of the U.S. helicopter crash in Mogadishu, Somalia where American soldiers were dragged through the streets when I overheard laughter and insults towards Americans. I approached the group to hear the joke when I learnt that Venezuelan college professors were ridiculing Americans. I asked them what was so funny about having human beings been dragged and violently attacked by a mob and the professor who does not speak English nor has ever visited the United States responded with further insults against Americans. The heated argument between one of the professors and me increased and it ended when I realized that the professor does not understand American culture nor compassion. I imagine that the hatred created by Chavez in Venezuela against the United States is just his lack of knowledge and pre-conceived ideas which make him err on a frequent basis.


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