Saturday, September 17, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 17 2005

Dear Journalists,

"That is to say if the government of the United States attempts to commit the foolhardy enterprise of attacking us, it would be embarked on a 100-year war. We are prepared." This is one of the translated statements Chavez said to Journalist Ted Koppel on the Nightline television show last night. Please know that in recent statements Chavez has said that Latin America will burn. So, is Chavez going to burn the oil fields à la Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War in 1991?

Please read Hugo Chavez: Global Clown by Aleksander Boyd.

It is interesting the fact that Chavez does not speak English nor most of the staff that he brought to visit the United Nations. So, maybe Chavez just does not understand outside of his immediate group of $upporte$ including shameless adulalor$.

In other news, there is an e-mail circulating written by Psychiatrist Francel Delgado Senior describing Chavez' personality. Dr. Delgado Senior says Chavez has a sociopathic or psychopathic narcissist personality. Dr, Delgado Senior explains in detail the characteristics of the leader.

I hope that the United Nations has also analyzed Chavez and with the recent shows of Chavez in the spotlight will help the Venezuelan Opposition.


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