Saturday, September 10, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 10 2005

Dear Journalists,

I heard yesterday a radio FM disc jockey in Washington, DC, say that he would like to move to Venezuela so he can pay a penny the gallon of gasoline reacting to the outrageous gas prices we are paying these days in the USA. I verified this information and indeed Venezuelans do pay very little for the government subsidized "leaded gasoline" while paying an equivalent of US$0.50 (fifty cents) for a 10 ounces bottle of water.

It is important that while Chavez and his supporters are allegedly actively reaching out to ill informed radio announcers and others making a hero of Chavez for mocking President Bush for his delayed reaction to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina to please read how Venezuelan citizens have to live under the autocrat Chavez's regime.

Below please find link to article written by Senior Policy Analyst Stephen Johnson of the
The Heritage Foundation explaining the facts about Chavez:


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