Monday, September 05, 2005

Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 5, 2005

Dear Journalists,

While infamous Chavez has offered a show-off one million barrels of oil for the victims of hurricane Katrina which has been accepted, Venezuelan citizens who live in my birth town of Maracay are suffering total neglect from destruction caused by previous torrential rains as reported on this date by El Siglo in the link below:

Please note that Lake of Valencia located in the South of Maracay and Valencia (10 degrees, 12' 46.12" N 67 degrees 38' 47.44" W) is terribly polluted. Industrial businesses have dumped whatever amount of waste destroying most of the lake.

Below please read link to report written by Thomas Sancio reporting on the actual condition of the victims of the devastating landslides in Venezuela in 1999.

I can understand the welcoming of assistance to the victims of hurricane Katrina; but what is most troubling is Chavez's meddling and criticizing the United States which would make his donation a form of ridicule. Chavez must stop spending the Venezuelans' money for his own whims and should use his "generosity"helping the Venezuelan people, specially removing the severe foreign exchange controls and other abuses imposed to Venezuelans.

In other matters, I would like to announce the creation of my new blog where you can find recent letters e-mailed to editors:


Maru Angarita
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