Monday, September 19, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 19, 2005

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to article written by Alexandra Beech reporting her attempt to see Chavez in New York City last week during the United Nations General Assembly:

I would like to add that in 1999 (or 2000) Chavez came to Washington, DC in a low key not-official visit where he played baseball and later went to visit different cities with then future U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Donna Hrinak. At that time, I was not interested in the Chavez's government and had no idea of the harm that the infamous character would do to Venezuela. I had learnt of his visit to Washington, DC by friends who mentioned it. I had a conversation during that time with a high ranking Venezuelan diplomat who was visiting his family and asked him why wasn't he at the baseball game, and he told me that he did not care about Chavez at all.

In 1998, I was curious about the upcoming Venezuelan elections and asked if Chavez had a chance to win and another diplomat told me that Chavez is a mad man and would be a disaster if he were to be elected. Some of my previous Venezuelan diplomat friends followed Chavez and are not longer my friends for whatever reason.


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