Sunday, October 23, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 23, 2005

Dear Journalists,

Attached herewith please find link to summary of Chavez's tour of Europe this week. As you may know, Chavez continues to impose severe foreign exchange controls to Venezuelans thus causing difficulties for citizens to travel for leisure and run businesses (i.e. receive money from investments including rental income) while Chavez travels as he wants to and spending embarrassing amounts of money.

Fabulous Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin will visit Venezuela in the near future. I hope the Prime Minister would see how Venezuela has deteriorated under Chavez's regime and would spend time with the Venezuelan Opposition and non-political individuals to learn and feel the pain. The Prime Minister lived in Venezuela for several years:

Following up in Chavez's ousting the Missionaries as reported previously, I wonder what are Chavez's ulterior motives and who is he trying to protect?


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