Saturday, January 19, 2008

Venezuela's Political Disaster - January 19, 2008

Dear Journalists,

Word is that Caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Political party COPEI recently reported that since Chavez took office there has been allegedly 115,000 violent deaths crime related in the abused city. You may have seen videos I have posted in my blog showing motorcycle thugs, who are allegedly a government undercover police force, shooting at students, etc. Noticias24 reports today that infamous Chavez donated to Bolivia motorcycles, four wheel drives and other equipment for their security forces while Venezuelans are in more need of safety, so who and what are Chavez's priorities?

In other matters concerning the current tension between Colombia and Chavez, please know that Colombia's government seems to have a much better trained, educated, knowledgeable, bright, and good faith staff comparing with infamous Chavez and his also infamous bizarre supporters. Please keep in mind that Chavez does not represent the values of the majority of Venezuelan citizens.

Below please find opinion article from Journalist Eleonora Bruzual:

The following humorous link written by Laureano Marquez has been circulating the Internet today:

Venezuelans need help from developed governments and international organizations to restore democracy and end corruption.


Maru Angarita

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