Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Updated: Venezuela's Political Disaster - January 16, 2008

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat. Please know that this article is unusually long, but has information of importance to understand the current situation in Venezuela:

El reconocimiento de beligerancia a las FARC

Next, is editorial from The Washington Post explaining Chavez's act of admitting support for terrorists groups:

"Ally to Kidnappers - Venezuela's Hugo Chávez endorses Colombian groups known for abductions, drug trafficking and mass murder."

Concerning Joe Kennedy's television commercials, please know that I wrote about it last year and the same issues apply today. Please do a search for Joe Kennedy on my blog.

Chavez is speaking on his own and does not represent the voice of the majority of citizens of Venezuela who are outraged by this infamous leader doing as he pleases for his own convenience disregarding the needs of Venezuelans.

Venezuelans need help from developed governments and international organizations to restore democracy and end corruption.


Maru Angarita
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