Friday, January 11, 2008

Updated: Venezuela's Political Disaster - January 11, 2008

Dear Journalists,

Chavez finally was able to rescue two hostages from the alleged 700 still in captivity as reported by The Washington Post:

Colombian Rebels Release Two Hostages to Venezuela

In the Noticias24 unedited video there are comments made that are outrageous to their readers:

Las escandalosas palabras de despedida del Ministro Rodriguez Chacin a las FARC

and, Journalist Eleonora Bruzual's radio comments on the release of hostages:

According to Clara Rojas she was separated from Ingrid Betancourt after two years in captivity. It is odd that Clara Rojas and Consuelo Gonzalez had recent hair cuts, and Ingrid Betancourt's recent pictures show her in pathetic conditions. After I wrote this, one of the readers e-mailed to me similar comments made by Noticias24 (hummm):

Chavez is asking for respect and recognition for the FARC and ELN in new video:

Chávez elogia a las FARC y al ELN y dice que no son terroristas (nuevo video)


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