Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Venezuelan Students March for the Vote NO

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelan students marching for the Vote NO report that the march is super crowded, and that people are still arriving.

The following link is to pictures from the Venezuelan press directly from the march:

Chavez's Consejo Nacional Electoral ordered that the picture of Libertator Simon Bolivar be removed from the marchers. As if, Simon Bolivar were not a symbol for everyone in Venezuela. But, the CNE allows Chavez's propaganda to remain as reported by the next link which is against the law:

This is exactly what I have written about in my previous posting of November 27 "Chavez's Threats and Insults" that Chavez achieved to segregate Venezuelans into those who favor him mainly because of financial enhancement ($$$ & €€€), and those who opposing him with passion.
As Monsignor Lückert said this time Chavez's alleged cheating electronic voting would not be able to be manipulated.


Maru Angarita

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