Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chavez's threats and insults

Dear Journalists,

Yesterday Venezuelans students opposing Chavez protested in the cities of Maracay and Valencia. There was a fatality. What is interesting is that in previous protests where alleged Chavez's thugs have openly attacked, injured and killed unarmed protesters there have been no reaction from Chavez nor his officials. This time the person killed was a Chavez's supporter, thus Chavez is speaking out that he will get the assassins as reported in the links in referenced below.

Chavez is also insulting and threatening everyone calling people fascists, and conducting the same pathetic routine of name calling. Even though Chavez accuses every one of wrong doing, he seems to be the one who is a "fascist", but most of all a sociopath unable to lead a nation to progress and well being. Chavez has achieved to segregate the one progressive nation into those who adore him ($$$ & €€€), and those who opposing him with passion.

Please know that opposition protesters are people from the community usually consisting of families with people of all ages, and sometimes their pets go along. In contrast with Chavez's marchers who are allegedly compensated with money, free t-shirts, and other goodies.

At this time, Venezuelans are under a lot of stress with lack of food items, and mentally tortured by an deranged leader destroying peace and harmony in the nation.

Word is that Chavez has already won the infamous upcoming election using his alleged mega cheating electronic voting system. Worth of all The Carter Center may be monitoring the election since the European Commission and other international observers received the invitation too late to attend:


There is a saying in Venezuela "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres" Tell me who are the people who are with and I will tell you who you are. Chavez has chosen the wrong path.

Venezuelans need help from those who can intervene and help them restore democracy.


Maru Angarita
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