Sunday, November 25, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - November 25, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to video reporting that the kidnapped student protestors were found alive, but tortured. The students said that they were asked questions and if they did not respond immediately they were burnt with cigarettes. They were also assaulted, and suffered severe injuries. please scroll down on this link and click to view following pages reporting attacks by alleged Chavez's thugs.

Venezuelans are reporting that they grocery stores lack basic supplies. A Venezuelan wrote yesterday that she had to visit 16 pharmacies to find her prescribed medication, and there is no toilet paper, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, milk and eggs. The Venezuelan also reports that she visited five grocery stores and was unable to find the above mentioned supplies.

Please know that even though the international press is reporting that the opposition is winning according to different polls, Chavez allegedly manipulates the results giving him the winning numbers as has happened in previous elections. Please read the following links:

Please double check my blog since I will be updating it as needed. Venezuelans need help from international organizations to restore democracy.


Maru Angarita

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