Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hugo Chavez is trapped in a lose-lose situation by Miguel Octavio

Introduction by Pedro Mario Burelli:

Could Hugo be getting too close too fast to the concrete wall in his no-brakes bright red VW beetle? Read this well thought out analysis from one of my favorite analyst and blogger Miguel Octavio. The melt down of the abstentionist movement and the courageous stand of the uncontaminated student movement has upended a process to a point in which one can probably state - along side Miguel - that there is no way Chavez can win even if he "declares" victory - as expected (what choice does the Lt. Col. have?). Governability is part of the game and that is what he has exhausted. If he is in power it is not because of popularity, or money, much less competence, it is simply because there is no one out there to obviously fill the void...but power voids always get filled even if precariously. Losing power is a daunting process for those who have abused it in such gargantuan scale, but what will they do to hold on? Fasten your seat belts and keep your eyes WIDE open. There will be no instant replay in the days to come. PMB

"Observations focused on the problems of an underdeveloped country, Venezuela, with some serendipity about the world (orchids, techs, science, investments, politics) at large. A famous Venezuelan, Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo, referred to oil as the devil's excrement. For countries, easy wealth appears indeed to be the sure path to failure. Venezuela might be a clear example of that."

As things heat up, it looks like Hugo Chavez is trapped in a lose-lose situation by Miguel Octavio


Voting on Chavez, rock star of politics: Bernd DebusmannVoting on Chavez, rock star of politics:

By Bernd Debusmann of Reuters

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