Saturday, June 09, 2007

What happened?

To whom it may on concern:

Those of you who have been receiving my mailings since 1999 may recall that my main concern after infamous Chavez was elected president was about people we all have known for many years had turned face and went on to support Chavez.

The outrage that their friends felt was the fact that most of the people including attorneys, judges, diplomats, journalists, and just about every profession, had expressed complete different attitudes and approaches in life, thus supporting Chavez was inexplicable.

My concern has always been and remains if those poor souls have been acting under duress, or were just following the money and the better position carrot. I have always asked that question, sadly the response to some cases if that those people are just ineffable.

Hopefully, after "Chavez's por ahora" is gone for good all the questions will be answered.

Maru Angarita

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