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Venezuela's Political Disaster - June 7, 20007

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelan students spoke today at the Chavez's National Assembly and gave intelligent, emotional and refreshing speeches as is the one from student Douglas Barrios from Universidad Metropolitana:

Please watch 10-minute video:


Please read text in Spanish at:

Witnesses report that yesterday buses of students arriving in Caracas were blocked passage through the tunnels by Chavez's police and supporters on motorcycles.

Sadly, when the students arrived today to the National Assembly were harassed by Chavez's supporters. It seems that Chavez's may be paying for this type of services. Please read link below of 2006 text of internal minutes from PDVSA (Venezuela's oil company) ordering employees to wear read, and other actions, and failure to do so would cost them their jobs. The employees were to be paid 100,000 bolivares for participation:

The next link is to article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat criticizing the Organization of American States's attitude toward Chavez's abuse of power and comparing the OAS as the three little monkeys that see, hear, and talk no evil:

La OEA y los tres monos:

Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) is having their regular shows live on location at the Caracas's plazas.

Venezuelan women are scheduled to march in Caracas on Sunday, June 10 to protest Chavez's abuse of power, the closing of RCTV, to demand the freedom of jailed students and political prisoners.

Please know that Chavez has seized twice all media in Venezuela today, and has been speaking for hours. I wonder if Chavez is under the influence of stimulants in order to talk so much, or if he is having a nervous breakdown. What ever Chavez's mental health is the seizing of the media is an abuse of power!

Below please find link to movie star Maria Conchita Alonso's article ALONSO RIPS TYRANT CHAVEZ published in the New York Post. Please know that Maria Conchita Alonso joined the Human Rights Foundation. Please read article "The Cuban-Venezuelan actress and singer María Conchita Alonso Defends RCTV's Right to Dissent; Joins HRF Campaign for Prisoners of Conscience"

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