Sunday, June 03, 2007


Someone very dear to me who is Heaven at this time told me about my blog that what we are doing is writing and talking, but what is needed is a strong wipe out hand against the deranged dictator.

However, even though Venezuelans have been protesting by marching, writing, and taking diplomatic and peaceful actions, the infamous dictator who is loaded with their money has them as hostages. Every day Venezuelans lose more freedom and quality of life.

Why is no one helping? The international organizations issue statements, and they send observers. But, no one can see Chavez's tricks and corruption! Now, Chavez is out in the open denying basic human rights to all citizens.

Venezuelans can not defend against Chavez by themselves. Venezuelans do not have weapons, and have failed with the ability to seek justice. What about international justice?

Marchers were very excited today when members of Chavez's police told them that they are backing the students up and are morally supporting the protesters! Then, suddenly Chavez's thugs arrived and the police officers had to play their role.

Please watch video about Slobodan Milosevich:

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