Friday, June 01, 2007

Revised: Venezuela's Political Disaster - June 1, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Do you remember the 2004 pictures below when Chavez's thugs attacked unarmed and peaceful protestors in Caracas to scare gatherings?

There were three murders in the last few days of pro-and-con protest participants, including the one of a young female protestor. There are new reports that the two protestors were Chavez's supporters, and were machine gunned down when they arrived home, and the young protestor under similar circumstances, but different weapons as indicated in the two links below:

"Asesinados dirigentes que participaron en protesta contra Globovisión y Fedecámaras"

"Asesinada una joven estudiante de la UCAB por encargo"

So, were those murders a scare tactic or something else? Reports indicate that the murders were part of the weekend violence in Caracas, and seem unrelated to the fact that they were protesting.

This afternoon opposition students were denied a permit to march to deliver a document to government officials, and were harassed by Chavez's thugs on their way as reported in the next link:

Witnesses report t hat opposition student buses were denied entrance to Caracas; however, at the same time Chavez's supporters wearing free red t-shirts were arriving into the city by several bus loads. Please know that Chavez's allegedly pays his supporters to protest an equivalent of $60.00 a day. Of course, for $60.00 a day anyone with no scruples jumps on the buses. It has been confirmed that the protestors on red t-shirts were street cleaning crews from Chavez's administration and were paid to protest.

In the meantime, Chavez is sending his tin man diplomats to give absurd excuses about why the infamous deranged dictator did not renew Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) broadcast license. Never mind, the known facts as reported by

Venezuelans need HELP to restore basis human rights and democracy in Venezuela! All your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

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