Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - June 13, 2007

Dear Journalists,

It seems that every time a Venezuelan citizen takes action against government abuse Chavez and his thugs immediately blame Americans. Perhaps Chavez sees blogs written in English coming from the United States and "a s s u m e s" that it is made by the CIA or what ever government agency exists. It is imperative that Chavez realizes that most of the bloggers reporting his abuse are Venezuelan-Americans, or have loved ones living in Venezuela, or had lived in Venezuela when the abused nation was free. Also, the fact is that bloggers write about the Venezuelan current crisis under Chavez in many different languages including French, German, Italian, Norwegian, or what ever the country where they live speak. Perhaps the only tool that Chavez has to psyche his supporters up is by blaming Americans, and induce more hatred against us.

Below please find denial made by U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield about this issue:

The new Venezuelan Heroes "The Students" are knowledgeable, and able to think and express themselves against Chavez's abuses.

Another issue is that perhaps Chavez visits infamous Fidel Castro to get advice about what to do next. Like how would he restrain the students from protesting. On June 11 Chavez ordered those who join his political party "Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV)", to get rid of possessions. As if all of his extremely rich supporters would get rid of the money and riches that they have been able to acquire in the last few years!

I wonder if Chavez's mother would throw away all the rings she wears in each finger, and her designers' sun glasses, new properties, new nouveau-rich look, etc., as pictures circulating the Internet for several months show. I wonder what recovering Fidel Castro would say about that. Would Castro return the gifts that Chavez has given him including alleged private jet, paintings, bullet-proof long sleeves red shirt, etc.?

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