Monday, June 11, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - June 11, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Chavez's Interior Minister denounced today a plot against the government because citizens are complaining about insecurity in the city as reported in the link below which may confirm Chavez's paranoia.

Minister Carreño claims ongoing plot

Over a year ago a dear friend from Caracas visited Washington, DC, my family hosted our friend showing the wonderful city. At one point, our friend made a sigh after watching Washington's regular police presence including park police, city police, parking meter takers, etc. Our friend said that in Caracas there is not a police presence. I could not believe it specially after reading the Venezuelan press reports that weekly there are dozens of crimes in the city. I got furious since at that time Chavez had been traveling world wide with hundreds of "friends", security and lots of staff, and the reports were of decadent expenditures.

In the last two weeks when students have been protesting in Caracas then there are all sorts of Chavez's police throwing tear gas and abuse of power against peaceful protesters including parents watching over their kids, and their siblings. Please see protests pictures on the link below.

So, Chavez seems to let the crime rule the city, and when peaceful protesters go out then he sends all of his force to stop them? Chavez freaks out when people complaint about insecurity. What in the world does Chavez on a daily basis? Inventing about new plots to overthrow him and blame Americans? So, Chavez must have a very low esteem for Venezuelan people believing that citizens are like his puppets unable to see injustice, and abuse of power every where.

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