Sunday, May 27, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - May 27, 2007

Dear Journalists,

The tears are of anger and frustration of being unable to confront Chavez. Just picture a domestic violent, deranged, abuser and thug dictator destroying every thing you have loved, and allegedly giving ammunition to other thugs and thieves to attack and destroy properties as has been in the case of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV)'s and Globovision's headquarters. Please read report published in El Universal:

Below please find report "Venezuelans Protest Chavez's TV Move" written by Christopher Toothaker and published in The Washington Post:

What is more upsetting are the world leaders who continue to do business with the infamous dictator. Venezuelans have historically been and peaceful and productive society living in a wonderful tropical environment.

If beloved Al Gore were to take a peek of the environmental destruction that infamous Chavez has been doing to the Venezuela's ecosystem in the last few years he would have ongoing nightmares.

The following link is from opinion article "Y tanto fue el cántaro..." written by Journalists Eleonora Bruzual commenting in the human rights abuse that is taking place in Venezuela:

Venezuelans are hostages of a deranged dictator and help from the civilized world is needed.

I will be updating my blog as events take place today, but will not be sending updates.


Maru Angarita

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