Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Outrageous Matter

To whom it may concern:

In other outgeous matters, the following link is to article written by Editor Teodoro Petkoff "La Canallada" originally published in his own newspaper Tal Cual, and reprinted in Venezuela Real and which is circulating widely in the Internet:

It seems that Venezuela's Secretary of State Nicolas Maduro, former Metro Bus driver nominated by Chavez to this high and previously prestigious post allegedly did not issue a passport to former President Carlos Andrés Pérez and First Lady Doña Blanca's daughter Carolina Pérez Rodríguez. Ms. Pérez Rodríguez is receiving cancer treatment in the United States and her passport had expired. Thus, the former First Lady asked for help and visited Venezuela's State Department (La Casa Amarilla) to have her daughter's passport renewed. However, the former First Lady and her daughter who is blind because of cancer were made to wait over eight hours, and at the end of the day the passport was not issued.

The time to help Venezuelans has come! All your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


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