Saturday, May 19, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - May 19, 2007

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Venezuelans are marching today protesting Chavez's illegal whim of closing down Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) network. Time is running out to avoid the closure. "José Miguel Insulza, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, said it is up to the Venezuelan courts to solve a dispute over the renewal of a broadcast license for TV channel RCTV."

Mr. Insulza should know that most of the Venezuelan judges working for Chavez allegedly are doing so under duress. They must keep quiet and do as the abuser* says fearing reprisals.

Reports of the march:

Last night Oscar Pérez, Director of Comando Nacional de la Resistencia,and several citizens placing posters in Caracas were attacked by Chavez's thugs. They were placed against the wall and harassed as reported in the attached video link:

Oscar Pérez delivered last March 100,000 signatures of Venezuelans requesting help from international organizations to the Organization of American States in Washington, DC. Please read my blog postings of
03/18/2007 - 03/25/2007:

Pictures: left to right: Oscar Perez, Helen Fernandez, Antonio Ledezma and Milos Alcalay.

The following link is to opinion article "La libertad de expresión en la picota"written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat reporting the current abuse of freedom of speech and how international organizations are aware of this situation:

The Human Rights foundation is following up the events concerning RCTV. I invite you to please read my recent blog postings since I have added information related to the announced closing of RCTV.

In the meantime, Chavez is abusing the networks with his deranged messages as reported by Daniel Duquenal in his blog:

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