Thursday, February 22, 2007

Joe Kennedy & Citgo

To Whom It May Concern:

In the last few days I have also received e-mails from Venezuelans furious about the Citizen's Energy commercial where Joe Kennedy, Chairman & Founder is thanking "Venezuelans" for helping provide heating fuel for the poor.

Good will as this commercial may sound it has a terrible cloud around it. First of all, Venezuelans did not authorize Chavez nor Citgo to provide low cost oil. Nor, Venezuelans have authorized Chavez to allegedly give their money away to all the hostile nations against the United States. Please read previous postings on this blog concerning this issue.

I phoned one of the television networks where the offensive commercial is shown, and to my outrage I learnt that this is a nationwide commercial. Now, I am seeing this commercial in just about every television station at different times of the day and night.

So, how much money does Citizen's Energy have to spend in continuous nationwide commercials thanking Chavez? Or is Chavez paying for this commercial after a Quid Pro Quo deal with Joe Kennedy? A lot of people are commenting that Joe Kennedy allegedly does not care about ethics, or does he?

I wonder if the beneficiaries of the low cost oil are aware what is behind this infamous give away?

Please know that local gas companies do offer payment plans for those of us who have difficulties paying the high cost of fuel especially after the extreme cold weather that we have had in last few weeks.


Maru Angarita

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