Thursday, February 22, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 22, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Please know that there are lot of e-mails circulating in the last few days denouncing Chavez's alledged fraud in the last two recent elections where he declared himself the winner by a landslide.

Please read report written by Alek Boyd reacting to article from the ISI - International Statistical Institute:

"Study shows how Hugo Chavez rigged elections in Venezuela" By Alek Boyd

"Febres Cordero, M.M. and Márquez, B.: A statistical approach to assess:"

Next please find link to report from the International Crisis Group "Venezuela: Hugo Chávez’s Revolution," Latin America Report N°19, 22 February 2007:

Another e-mail circulating the Internet is about statements made by Attorney Alan Dershowitz concerning former (disastrous) President Jimmy Carter alleged unethical behavior. The e-mail brings out the point that possibly Chavez paid President Carter to "observe" the alleged fraudulent elections in Venezuela. Please make sure to read the below mentioned resources for more information about this issue.

The following link is to article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat blasting Mercosur's hypocrisy:

Are Venezuelans in this terrible situation because of corrupted officials that can be bought? Are there officials who are not corrupted?

Please know that the crisis in Venezuela is extremely serious. Venezuelans are also leaving the hostage nation seeking refuge in several countries. There are unconfirmed reports that over one million Venezuelans left the country in 2006. I know at least five people who have left the country to never return unless democracy is restored. And, this is exactly what Chavez wants. He wants those who oppose him to leave the country so he can rule like infamous Castro.

Where are international organizations that suppose to stop crime and abuse of power? I can not believe that powerful organizations have just been sitting there since 1999 watching how Venezuela has become a hostage nation. Shame on all of them!


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