Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 14, 2007

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Please know that I am an Independent voter, and in the 1980's I was fascinated by the then future Congressman Joe Kennedy. I had the pleasure to meet him at that time while I was an Intern at the Embassy of Venezuela. Mr. Kennedy was making arrangements to buy cheap oil from Venezuela for the poor people of Massachusetts. I thought that it was a wonderful act of goodwill, and supported him big time. However, his current public relations supporting Chavez in his television advertisement makes me sick.

In the last few years, bloggers have e-mailed to Joe Kennedy explaining Chavez's intentions. Pedro Mario Burelli wrote several months ago in his blog that he was yelled at by Mr. Kennedy when he tried to explain the current political situation in Venezuela. Personally, my letters to the Citizens Energy office have not been responded.

Next, please find link to article written by Pedro Mario Burelli on this subject:

Hugo Chávez Enlists a Kennedy for Anti-U.S. Campaign, November 2005

Please read in my blog press release from U.S. Congressman Connie Mack which echoes how Venezuelan Opposition feels about the Citgo commercials.

I invite you to please visit my blog to view a press release from U.S. Congressman Connie Mack about this issue.

Chavez is a dictator keeping Venezuelan hostages.


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