Monday, January 01, 2007

Venezuela's Political Disaster - January 1, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Happy New Year 2007!

Venezuela Real blog is reporting that the case of Chavez's closing RCTV television network in Venezuela will be sent to the Organization of American States as a violation of freedom of speech:

I urge journalists to please follow-up on the RCTV case since indeed seems like a complete violation of human rights, and just another Chavez's act of intimidation.

Please know that RCTV has been reporting Chavez's abuses, and Chavez's calls the journalists coupsters. It seems that the infamous leader is paranoid after his own uprisings in 1989, and coup d'etat attempts in Venezuela 1992. I was in Caracas in 1992 and watched Chavez and thugs trying to overthrow the government of President Carlos Andres Pérez. When Chavez was interviewed on television dressed in militaty uniform was sending eye morse codes to his followers. So who is the real coupster Chavez or RCTV?

Chavez should stop intimidating Venezuelan citizens and work to promote peace and harmony in the segregated society. He should start by actively helping the middle class to get out the financial abuses he has imposed to citizens. And, assure that everyone has the right to succeed in life, and not just his already financially overloaded supporters.


Maru Angarita
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