Monday, December 25, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - December 25, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Fidel Castro gets special medical treatment not available to Cuban citizens as indicated in the attached article published by The Washington Times:

It has been reported by Forbes magazine that Castro is among the richest persons in the world. I personally admire most of the rich people in the world, and would like to be as bright and lucky to be able to provide for my loved ones and have not financial worries. However, I detest the hypocrisy that Chavez and Castro are all about concerning financial wealth. They claim to the poor that they hate the rich, and Chavez has stated that being rich is wrong. But, obviously this statement allegedly does not apply to him nor to his family. There are pictures circulating the Internet for quiet some time showing Chavez's mother before and after he was elected president. Before she was a humble woman, now she wear designers' sun glasses and jewels in every finger of her hands. A similar situation is happening with Chavez immediate supporters where suddenly they are allegedly loaded with millions of foreign currency and real estate.

My point is why is Chavez neglecting the Venezuelan middle class? Why are there so many businesses that had been forced to close while the informal workers are taking over downtown? Where is Chavez's leadership to assure that every Venezuelan citizen is able to succeed in business and provide for their loved ones? What is the root of Chavez's hate? and Why are Chavez's policies destroying the middle class? Why does Chavez prefer to provide financial aid to foreign nations but neglects Venezuelan citizens?

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