Sunday, December 03, 2006

Venezuela's Presidential Election - December 3, 2006

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By Alexandra Beech

Please note a one hour time difference between New York and Caracas
"7:20 pm est. In perhaps the first credible report of irregularities by an accredited electoral observer, Education Assembly member Leonardo Carvajal said two electoral officials had authorized him to denounce in the media that at several voting centers, armed members of the National Armed Forces had forced electoral workers to keep centers open. At one center, a soldier bearing a machine gun ordered the center to remain open until 9 pm, violating electoral laws.
In other news, audits are taking place around the country.
6:55 pm est. Speaking on behalf of opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, Tal Cual Editor Teodoro Petkoff, said that while the electoral day proceeded peacefully, questionable incidents had taken place after official voting, such as attempts to impede audits and to remove the voting materials illegally. Petkoff said that "centers which have been closed must remain closed. They cannot be reopened." He called on the National Elections Council and the National Armed Forces to enforce the law, protecting "voters' rights." He said "the auditing process is slow…patience is required."


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