Thursday, November 30, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - November 30, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Similar to when there are blizzard warnings or a terrorist attack, Venezuelans are gathering a lot of food and medicine supplies just in case the outcome of the presidential election scheduled for December 3 were to turn violent. Citizens are reporting basic items that are totally sold out such as milk, wheat flour, sugar, and certain medications. The level of nervousness for the fate of Venezuelan citizens is at its peak deciding from freedom promised by opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, or a Cuba like regime certain with Hugo Chavez (a.k.a. Thugo Chavez).

Please read list of victims to Chavez's infamous regime as reported in Venezuela Real blog:

Listado de venezolanos víctimas de este gobierno written by Raul Leoni.

Next is article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat complaining about Brazil President Lula's intromission in Venezuelan internal affairs.

Sumate is reporting Chavez having political advertisement advantage over the opposition candidate.

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