Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Dear Journalists,

World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2012

After attending the conference PRESS UNDER ATTACK: How Latin American Regimes attempt to destroy the independent press held on Capitol Hill on April 26, 2012, and listening to complaints from experts from Ecuador, Bolivia, U.S. Representatives (R) Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, (D) Eliot L. Engel  and former U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich for a moment I thought that they were talking only about Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

Sadly, the wrath of Fidel Castro with the money allegedly taken from Venezuelans by Hugo Chavez has succeeded to get Latin American leaders to follow his infamous totalitarian message.  The Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman, U.S. Representative Ross-Lehtinen remarks explained how in Cuba during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit the regime restricted communications on the island with the outside world.  Similarly, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales and Cristina Kirchner harass private media shutting down television networks, and other communications.   A conference attendant explained that those Latin American governments are not socialists, but the worst capitalists ever with corruption practices.  (i.e. Directors of newspaper El Universo in Ecuador were charged with defamation of character by president Rafael Correa).

The international organizations should implement in those nations similar agencies like the U.S. Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to detect, investigate and prosecute financial crimes to assist in restoring democracy.

In the meantime, one of the alleged narcotics judges in Venezuela is talking to the Drug Enforcement Administration as reported by Univision:

Univision: Ex-high ranking Venezuelan official reveals alleged Chavez link to drug-trafficking (Video)

The following fictional video titled October 8, 2012 presents the news after the Venezuelan elections urging voters to cast their vote:

Venezuelans have hope that the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski will be the new president, but worry about Hugo Chavez’s algorithms manipulating the results of the election. The International Court of Justice, busy at it is, should make time to prosecute Hugo Chavez for fraud if the alleged algorithms and open violation of the vote are true.
Venezuelans need help from world leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.
Maru Angarita
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