Monday, September 03, 2012

Yanomamis cover-up? Or Yanomamigate?

Updated September 5, 2012
The following article reports witnesses’ testimony of the Yanomami massacre.
VENEZUELA | El testimonio de los indígenas
'Vimos cuerpos de personas quemados'’s editorial comments on Hugo Chavez’s lack of control of the border area.  While the Yanomamis must keep their territory free of the outside world others may be taking advantage of that region for illegal activities.
Venezuelan gov't: no evidence of slaughtered indigenous community
The Venezuelan Minister for the Indigenous Peoples said no piece of evidence has been found

Updated September 4, 2012
Dear Journalists,
It may be hard to investigate a crime on a remote rain forest that allegedly took place on July 5 of this year.  Civilians report that three Yanomamis survivors were rescued by the Brazilian government, and denounced the massacre of 80 members of their tribe by illegal miners as reported by Agence France Press republished on Venezuela Awareness:
Survival International has denounced abuses against the Yanomamis on the Website “All miners should be removed from Yanomami territory and the perpetrators of the massacre brought to justice.”  Twitter @survival   #Yanomami
The civilians also report that the Brazilian government requested assistance by the Venezuelan Foreign Service.  Yanomamis live in isolation, and must be protected from the illegal miners, and other threats to their survival.  There are unconfirmed reports that Hugo Chavez assigned one of his generals to cover-up the death of the Yanomamis.  As of last night, the Venezuelan government continues to deny the massacre of Yanomamis.  Please read my previous blog postings.

UNESCO Peace Ambassador Patricia Velasquez, a Venezuelan actress and fashion model, was interviewed by CNN en Español concerning the massacre.  Amb. Velasquez says that there was a massacre of Yanomamis:
"Sí hubo masacre de Yanomamis": Patricia Velásquez en CNN
Venezuelans have hope that the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski will be the new president, but worry about Hugo Chavez’s algorithms manipulating the results of the election. The International Court of Justice, busy at it is, should make time to prosecute Hugo Chavez for fraud if the alleged algorithms and open violation of the vote are true.
Venezuelans need help from world leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.
Maru Angarita
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