Saturday, August 25, 2012

Negligence? Fatal oil refinery explosion in Venezuela

Dear Journalists,
In memory of Neil Armstrong 1930-2012
As you may have read there was a huge oil refinery explosion in Amuay, Venezuela on this date that claimed at least 26 lives, and dozens of injured.
While the infamous oil minister and Hugo Chavez’s vice president are the only ones providing official reports  current and former Pétroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) employees who cannot be identified because of alleged “persecution” are blaming negligence.  The employees by e-mails said that Hugo Chavez administration has deteriorated the quality of safety and production.  It seems that PDVSA has kept quiet terrible oil spills and other environmental accidents. reports at least 79 major oil accidents by PDVSA: 
The civil organization Gente de Pétroleo demand an investigation to the Amuay refinery explosion:
Toxic gases in Anzoátegui            
In other matters, Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat commented on Hugo Chavez’s handling of the alleged American citizen that was arrested entering Venezuela by bus:
Venezuelans have hope that the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski will be the new president, but worry about Hugo Chavez’s algorithms manipulating the results of the election. The International Court of Justice, busy at it is, should make time to prosecute Hugo Chavez for fraud if the alleged algorithms and open violation of the vote are true.
Venezuelans need help from world leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.
Maru Angarita
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