Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gbagbo and Chavez

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It seems that Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo,and Hugo Chavez are tyrants allegedly -manipulating and illegally seizing and controlling governmental powers. Perhaps, people are vulnerable to get sick by power. Venezuela’s multibillion dollar oil annual income would be too much for mercenary Hugo Chavez to give up easily. I wonder if Chavez believes his own disinformation and lies. Chavez is building his own empire, and calls other imperialists.

The grave situation concerning Ambassadors Larry Palmer and Bernardo Alvarez is pathetic. Chavez like a spoiled rotten individual throws tantrums at will, insults everyone, and when someone speaks the truth the infamous individual freaks out.

The following links are to U.S. State Department’s daily press briefing dated December 29, 2010, discussing the diplomatic chaos in Venezuela, and the news of the ambassadors’ recall.

US, Venezuela evict ambassadors in diplomatic spat

Even after passing the new broadcasting law censoring insults, Chavez continues to insult Venezuelan citizens. On December 28 during a well-deserved “cacelorazo” against Chavez he proceeded to tell citizens during a seizing of the networks' broadcast “"Toquen cacerolas escuálidos de pacotilla y háganse la idea de que así tumbarán a este Gobierno". Chavez must be mentally ill.

Following up on the passing of former Venezuelan democratic President Carlos Andrés Pérez, the following articles are reflections from Ambassadors Adolfo Taylhardat and Diego Arria. They both served in CAP’s administration.


Words from Ambassador Diego Arria at President Carlos Andres Perez's funeral in Florida

Chavez may be upset after learning that China was paying as little as $5 per barrel for Venezuelan oil and then selling it elsewhere at a “sizable” profit as reported by The Wall Street Journal, and the court order against CITGO as reported by the New York Post.

There is an email circulating clarifying that the CITGO court order as reported by the New York Post is incorrect. Attorneys from Arnold & Porter representing Chavez claim that the order is under consideration.

WikiLeaks: China Profits Off Cheap Venezuelan Oil

Chavez's $8B fuel tabVenezuela leader loses long bond debt battle

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