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Hugo Chavez’s torrential rains havoc


Hugo Chavez is preparing new Cuban missile crisis

Dear Journalists,

The following five pictures were taken from a Powerpoint presentation currently circulating the Internet depicting the University of the Orient bridge in the state of Anzoategui. The bridge was getting impacts from trucks, and to correct it Chavez lowered the road a few feet. Sadly, the builders overlooked to add drainage to the bypass, and when the rains came it flooded:

Heavy rains wreak havoc in Venezuela

Chavez announced this evening the “temporary” expropriation of vacationers’ properties to house flood victims. Instead of using his several years in power to improve the nations’ infrastructures the infamous leader allegedly neglected the quality of life of citizens, and is using abusive methods to provide emergency measures:

Capriles a Chávez: “Nos parece poco prudente el llamado a tomar las propiedades”

Quote "The situation in Venezuela needs more attention for building regional consensus to counter the government's disregard of international rules (...) Top Venezuelan military officers have been involved in drug traffic activities. (The Venezuelan government has taken sides with Iran, Syria and North Korea in) "global security and the issue of weapons of mass destruction." US Senator Richard Lugar.

As an Independent voter I wonder why are Democrats silent about Hugo Chavez?

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote article El protocolo pro-dictadores de Unasur explaining how Unasur seems to be pro-dictators.

Hugo Chavez is proposing Unasur to have one of his staff as secretary-general

Odd enough the following links seem to be disabled. Hmmm, they were working last week and since 2008:

Venezuelans need the aid from the International Court of Justice, and world leaders, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.


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