Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wasting money for whims rather than provide to Venezuelans

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Vladimir Putin paid a flash visit to Hugo Chavez in Caracas where new bilateral accords were made including Chavez spending lots of money for huge projects including a nuclear power plant, and space technology development. "We could even install here a satellite launcher and a factory. We are already doing it with China, but Russia offered support to Venezuela to have its own industry for the use of outer space," said Chávez on April 1 at night. (Poisson d’avril?, April Fools?)

Russian PM Putin pays first official visit to Venezuela

The above reference article explains the several billions of U.S. dollars that Chavez has already spent in weapons.

Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli wrote opinion article published in El Universal newspaper:

Putin en Caracas
Los cuantiosos recursos del muy bien ubicado país justifican tolerancia


"The government of Venezuela was largely closed this week due to energy shortages and perhaps the focus should be more terrestrial than extraterrestrial." US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley and

Chavez needs to be reminded that while he spends billions of U.S. dollars to satisfy his weapons dreams in Venezuela today citizens have a terrible quality of life taking in consideration the out-of-control city violence where tens of thousands have died since Chavez took office. Further, there is rationalized electricity because of the dry season affecting the Gury dam, and everyone has only a few hours a day of energy for consumption. There is never enough water which worsens during the dry seasons. There are constantly shortages of medicine, basic foods, and a large percentage of the population lives in poverty. The public services such as police, fire and ambulance while they exist do not provide the assistance necessary for citizens. Out-of-control fires destroy rain forest national parks. Domestic animals including dogs and cats wonder the streets homeless, or neglected by their owners. Good Samaritans of all social classes take on adopting pets to provide basic shelters using their own limited resources, but there is no government program to spay & neuter nor provide wellbeing for these animals.

Chavez has been taking advantage of all financial resources of Venezuelans and after ten years has just realized that there are hundred of thousands of homeless domestic animals in the nation. Recently, an uncompassionate animal control law took over in the nation, but major amendments must be made to make it an animal protectionist law.

Chavez is the worst enemy to Venezuelan citizens and should be ashamed that all of his programs are to benefit his own selfish goals neglecting all Venezuelan living beings!

In related events, Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat who lived in Moscow for a few years wrote his opinion article Samizdat explaining how Russian resistance was able to defeat censure for freedom of speech in the 1950s.

Venezuelans expect the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy!


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